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Scraper Giving

When you join, We give a Tongue Scraper


The reason more people don't scrape their tongue is because they simply aren't educated on the incredible health benefits that come with it. That's why we're partnering with grade school teachers to provide FREE tongue scrapers for their students. In our Scraper Giving package, teachers will receive a short oral health presentation to present to their class along with a box of tongue scrapers to give out to students and a few extra for them to bring home for their families. Daily tongue scraping has significant health benefits that we want everyone to experience. Purchasing a Tongue Scraper from is one step in providing a healthier and brighter future for your community and the world.


Back-To-School Charitable Event at Hubble Studios in Los Angeles: Hundreds of families received FREE Back-To-School gear. We were fortunate to participate and hand out thousands of Tongue Scrapers to the children and their families.



If you know / are a grade school teacher

Please text us (917) 545-1205 or send us an email and we'd love to connect to get our Scraper Giving package in the right hands to educate and treat young students.