Brushing vs. Scraping Your Tongue -

Brushing vs. Scraping Your Tongue

Brushing Tongue


Any form of cleaning your tongue is fantastic for your overall health, but some methods are much more effective than others. While brushing your tongue is a great start, here are a few reasons why scraping is better:

1) Gag Reflex
We all know how uncomfortable it is to brush the tongue with a toothbrush - one wrong move and you've got throw up all over the sink. With our ScrapeYourTongue Tongue Scraper you have more control because you're holding it with both hands and not moving anything back and forth into your mouth, rather you are bending the scraper so it easily gets to the back of your tongue.

Gag Reflex

2) Spreading the Bacteria
When you brush your tongue you're basically just spreading the bacteria around on the tongue. Some of it is raised up and is able to wash out when you rinse your mouth, but the majority of it just stays in the tongue.

3) Physics

Your teeth are hard, so they need a soft surface like the bristles on your toothbrush to clean them. Your tongue is soft and needs something hard like a plastic tongue scraper to move down and scoop up any bacteria that is hanging out there.



Also, please don't use the "tongue scraper" on the back of some tooth brushes. That literally does nothing and should not be correlated to tongue scraping. Get a proper Tongue Scraper from and see the difference today!

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