Tongue Scraping with ScrapeYourTongue

Warning: Graphic Scraping Imagery

For those that don't believe in the power of a scrape. See how much gunk comes off that tongue!


1: Hold with both hands

2: Scrape up & down a few times

3: Rinse with clean sink water

4: Repeat every morning & night

Ok, I need this ASAP - I'll buy now

Why our Tongue Scraper?

  • It's the perfect size to cover the entire surface area of your tongue while still being travel friendly.
  • The curve near both handles allows for a comfortable bend.
  • The circular ridges are designed to not miss a single piece of gunk seeped in your tongue.
  • The grip on the ends gives you support with each scrape.
  • A daily reminder to 'SCRAPE YOUR TONGUE'
  • & just the all around cuteness is unparalleled in the Tongue Cleaner market.
K, I'll try it out!


Can't I just use a toothbrush?

You could, but that just loosens and spreads the bacteria around. After you brush, you need a hard surface (not soft bristles) to scrape that 💩 off

How about those metal ones?

They just aren't as effective. Our unique ridges scoop that gunk off your tongue. Also, ours is 100% recyclable!

Will this make me gag?

Nope! Our tongue scraper is 100% gag proof because you're holding it with both hands so psychologically you have more control and don't trigger your gag reflex.

How often should I get a new one?

Our Tongue Scraper is 100% reusable. We suggest using it as long as you're comfortable. Some switch it up once a month and some once a year, just depends on your habits

  • Dr. Shlafer

    Dentist "Tongue scraping is incredibly important for your oral hygiene and overall health. I have had my Dental practice for over 31 years and I approve this message."

  • Tongue Scraper -
  • RDH Avalene

    Hygeniest “I know my patients don't listen when I tell them to floss, but when I give them this Tongue Scraper they come back thanking me for the life changing advice.”

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  • In the hospitality industry?

    Whether you work at a hotel or have an Airbnb, gifting tongue scrapers to your guests will surely keep them coming back and leaving amazing reviews.

  • Planning a party?

    Tongue scrapers are the perfect giveaway at any party. They're great for freshening up before and getting all the toxins out after. Guests will be forever thankful.

  • A nutritionist or wellness coach?

    Tongue scrapers are a great product to suggest for your clients that will lead to immediate improvements in their confidence and overall well-being.

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