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your breath is fine, do it to stay healthy!

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Why Scrape?

Bacteria on your tongue can cause:

Scrape it off!

That's the nasty stuff that comes off your tongue

Ew. Ok I'll Buy now

Can't I just use a toothbrush?

You could, but that just loosens and spreads the bacteria around. After you brush, you need a hard surface (not soft bristles) to scrape that 💩 off.

Also, brushing might make you gag - ours is gag proof

Warning: Graphic Scraping Imagery

Alright I need this ASAP, I'll buy now

We are proud to be:

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Save 75% when you subscribe for us to send you a new tongue cleaner each month, because it gets pretty disgusting to keep using the same one for more than that.

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Artur Fruman

Founder SYT "I factually have not been sick in the last 8 years since I started scraping and I just need to spread that love to everyone else out there. It's a life changer.

Roman Shlafer

Dentist "Tongue scraping is incredibly important for your oral hygiene and overall health. I have had my Dental practice for over 31 years and I approve this message."

Are you...


a nutritionist or wellness coach?

Tongue scrapers are a great product to suggest for your clients that will lead to immediate improvements in their confidence and overall well-being.


in the hospitality industry?

Whether you work at a hotel or run your own Airbnb, having tongue scrapers for your guests will be a gift that will surely change their lives and keep them coming back for more visits with amazing reviews.

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planning a party?

Tongue scrapers are an incredible giveaway at any party. They're great for freshening up before and getting all the toxins out after. Guests will be forever thankful. 

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