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You said $1 and now it’s $3.99 – WTF happened?

Yes, the product is $1 and the shipping + handling cost is $2.99. I know it sucks, but this is still way cheaper than you could ever get anywhere else. Also, it's the best product out there. 

Ok cool – so how effective is this thing?

Personally, I can’t wake up without it (and a shower). You really have to use it to believe it. Or just watch the video (below) of the yellow shit coming off my tongue and think about what’s going to come off your tongue if you’ve never done it before.

But why do I have to subscribe to get one every month?

Honestly, you could keep this thing for your whole life and pass it down to your grandkids if you want, but it’s just a little disgusting. I like to swap mine out after 3 or 4 weeks and I think the price and effectiveness of the product justify that.

So you’re saying I can’t just order one?

You should definitely subscribe to get a fresh one every month, but if you really don't want to then you can choose to just purchase one for $3 (+Shipping).

How come I’ve never heard of this before?

I dunno, maybe you just block everything out when you go to your Dentist. It has been around for a while. Personally I just think it hasn’t been marketed well.

What if I don’t like the product and I want to return it?

Unfortunately we do not offer a return policy because that would be disgusting. Just hit us up and we’ll unsubscribe you.

 Any other questions?

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